Mystery of the Five Seals: Gnostic Initiation Reconsidered by Alastair H. B. Logan

By Alastair H. B. Logan

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The lesson? Forget market timing. You would have made twice as much money by investing in that index mutual fund and then going fishing, playing golf, and talking to your spouse! 1 Charles P. Jones, Investments: Analysis and Management, 6th ed. (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1998), p. 397. 2 Ibid. 3 Ibid. Understanding More of the Advantages 39 How Much You Can Invest: Government Limits The government’s generosity has limits. ) To make sure Congress has enough money to spend, it has rigged 401(k) plan rules so that you don’t escape from too much in taxes.

So you’d be allowed to contribute up to 100 percent of your salary—assuming you could afford to—only if your salary is $49,000 or less. Bottom line: You’re stuck with the $49,000 contributionpackage cap. And you’d have to lop off $2,000 from your $51,000 gross 401(k)-and-retirement benefits bundle to satisfy that limit. Basically, HCEs (as the rules call them) as a group can contribute only a slightly higher percentage of their salary than rank-and-file workers do. This rule is exactly what it looks like: It is the government’s way of making sure that 401(k) plans are not run simply for the benefit of the boss’s cronies and key employees.

It’s a mirage even the pros can’t catch up to. (Continued) 38 UNDERSTANDING YOUR 401(k) PLAN Don’t Chase a Mirage (Continued) The cost of trying? ” Take a look at what would have happened if you had bought shares in an index mutual fund. That’s a fund which robotically mimics its chosen segment of the market, rather than trying to outthink it. Let’s say you had invested in an index fund that mirrors the Standard & Poor’s Composite Index. That fund tries to duplicate the performance of 500 of the market’s biggest, leading stocks (the S&P 500).

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