Farm Real Estate, Rights, Trends, Values, Methods of Sale, by Duane E. Erickson, John T. Scott, Jr. (Coordinators)

By Duane E. Erickson, John T. Scott, Jr. (Coordinators)

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By 1980, the rate of return on farmland reached the lowest point in modern times, relative to opportunity returns in alternative investments. This is shown under “Opportunity Cost Ratio” in Table 1. Land prices began to fall for lack of investors interested in an asset producing such a low relative return. From 1980 through 1986, land prices and alternative rates of return declined until the relationship between the rate of return on land and the rate of return on bonds reversed on some selected properties.

The actual amount of potential tax savings is highly variable among sellers, depending on the initial marginal tax rate of the seller, the size of the capital gain, and the discount rate used to value the tax savings. Prior to January 1, 1987, another tax advantage existed. This resulted from the ability, via a land contract, to convert ordinary income into capital gains income, which was taxed at a much lower rate. The method was to trade a higher selling price (in effect higher capital gains) for a lower contractual interest payment (lower ordinary income) while keeping total payments the same.

The elasticity of food production is said to be determined by the elasticity of the stomach. Judging by the number of diet ads and exhortations about what and how much to eat, the stomach’s limits of elasticity have been reached in this country. Note 1. A new set of soil-productivity ratings was adopted in 1971. The classification of the farms was also changed to obtain approximately the same groupings as were included before 1971 in the soil-rating categories of 100-76, 75-56, 55-36, and 35-5.

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