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31. Viktor Brauneis, the General Director of the Austrian National Bank, reacted favorably to the views expressed in Morgenstern’s article (see Brauneis to Morgenstern, 5 August 1932, OMP 4). 32. This was, for example, the judgment of Richard Schu¨ller, a senior government official, see Nautz (1990, pp. 173–174). 33. Still Morgenstern probably shared the opposition to those clauses in the Lausanne Protocol that reconfirmed the prohibition of the Anschluss to the German Reich. 34. This became the majority position of the Chamber of Commerce; however, a minority (from Carynthia, Tyrol, and Salzburg) recommended to reject the Lausanne loan (see Neues Wiener Tagblatt, 27 July 1932, pp.

Not to be confused with the Treuhand company that had come into existence by the merger of the Wiener Bankverein and the Niedero¨sterreichische Escompte and was partly owned by the Austrian National Bank. 64. , ‘‘Nationalsozialistische Industrieoffensive,’’ 3 September 1933, p. ,’’ 10 September 1933, p.

53 Undoubtedly, in these days Morgenstern had acquired an imposing reputation in economic policy advice, and he was rumored as a candidate for many important positions. Yet, besides his successful work within the diverse circles around Altmann, Apold, Meinl, Schechner, and many others, he also experienced harmful failures. An incident most interesting with respect to the above-mentioned activities is the story how Morgenstern did not become the General Secretary of the Hauptverband der Industrie, which is enlightening insofar as this affair climaxed just in the same days when the industrialists presented their pump-priming plan.

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