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Accordof so expl through enlargement of a ing to Ref 5, this test measures the “comparative disruptive power” cavity in a cylindrical lead block under carefully standardized conditions. Std conditions for conducting this test were defined by a Comm of the Fifth International Congress of Applied Chemietry(Ref 1). Although one of the oldest tests known for detg power, it is still widely used today but more common in Europe than in tbe USA Procedure. A sample of the test expl(approx 10 g) is detonated in a cavity or borehole, 25 mm in diam and 125 mm deep, in a std lead block 200 mm in diem and 200 mm in height.

The Wax Gap Teat ia described briefly under Ammonium Nitrate, p A354, Note c and in more detail Chemical company, “Safety Data, ” Kansas City,Mo( 1960) in Spencer Abbr 1 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS, CODE NAMES AND SYMBOLS USED IN THIS WORK AND IN MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS OF THE USA AND OF VARIOUS OTHER COUNTRIES (Items not listed here are given in the text. For German abbreviations (See also Supplement, pages Abbr 59ff) A or Abstr A A A A A A A(gomrna) A AO Al Al(Monobel; Al(Roundkol); A2(Monobe1) } A/40 A/80 AA AA AAA AAAAW AAC AADL ABSKF Association of American Steel Manufacturers American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists Australian Advisory War Council Aktiebolaget (Swed)(same as Ger A-G) aviobamba(Rus)(aerial bomb) Aktiebolaget Bofors-Gullspang (Swed) Aktiebolaget Bofor -Nobelkrut (Swed) abbreviation Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Association of British Chem ical ‘Manufacturers see Picric Powder Allegany Ballistics Laboratory Cumberland, Md Army Ballistic Missile Agency, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Ala(see also OML) Aktiebolaget Norm Projektilfabrik(Swed) Aktiebolaget Nora Tandrofsfabrik(Swed) Aktiebolaget Svensk[ Automat 1 Vapen(Swed) Aktiebolaget Svenska Krutfak- absol or abs abspn abstr or A abt AC AC torierna, Landskrona(Swed) absolute absorption abstract about Allied Chemicals, New York symbol for hydrogen AASM A abstract acid (as MA, mixed acid) aniline argon Arm y atomic after an Ordn term, indicates a standardized variation of a standard item Ital gelatin type expl contg NG Angstrom absolute first temperature class; British (see explosives the text) AAE Dover, N J(now AARDL) American Association of Engineers AAE Aeroplane AAF AAFCE Army AAG AAM AAMG AARDL antiaircraft air-to-air antiaircraft Artillery Air Development PicArsn, (formerly AB AB ABBG ABBN Abel’s Expl ABL ABMA ABNP ABNT ABSAV and Armament Establishment Allied Europe AAWC ABCM Rus 40/60 amatol Rus 80/20 amatol antiaircraft Augusta Arsenal, Agusta, Ga antiaircraft artillery antiaircraft artillery automatic weapons antiaircraft cannon Artillery Ammunition DevelopPicArsn, ment Laboratory, Air AATCC abbm APCC excellent ( Brit) Forces Forces, Central gun missile machine Ammunition gun Rocket Laboratory, Dover, AADL) NJ see PATR 2510) Ac Ac AC cyanide (CWA) acetyl(CH,CO-,not CH,COO- ) acid adjusted charge (Brit) Abbr 2 AC AC or ac A/C AC AC AcAn Acad ACC ACC ACCCE accdg Acc of F ACD acet acet ac ACNA AcH ACHEMA A CO Ac2O AcOH ACS ACS ACSIRO act ACT-5 Actg ad AD AD AD A-day ADC Add addn addnl ADE adj Adj ADL Air Corps; aircraft alternating current anticoncrete armored car Army Corps symbol for 1,9-diacetoxypentamethylen-2,4,6,8tetranitramine Academy American Cyanamide Co, New York Army Chemical Center, Maryland (See also EA) Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers according according to accuracy of fire Armour Chemical Div, Chicago 9, 111 acetone acetic acid Aziende Chimiche Nazionali Associate (Cengio) (Ital) acetaldehyde Ausstellung fiir Chemisches Apparatewesen Army Corps Ordnance (Brit) acetic anhydride acetic acid Allied Chiefs of Staff American Chemical Society Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization active see the text Acting advertisement Air Defense; ASTIA Document Ammunition Depot or Dump Anno Domini (after Christ) Army Day Air Development Center addenda addition additional ItaI time & percussion fuzes used with aerial burst or impact projectiles (OP 1168, p63) adjective Adjutant Arthur D.

Two of the volatility tests used in the US are: 100° Heat Test(qv) and 75o International Test(qv) test conducted by leaving a weighed sample in a R. Colson, MP 30, 55(1948) describes a French volatility container of a known surface in dry air at arm press and at a desired temp(such as 600) for several hours or daya and then reweighing. Tbe lose of wt in milligrams per square decimeter and per one hour is known as volatilite Volume of Gases Evolved on Explosion or Detonation may be either calcd or detd experimentally by exploding material in one of the bombs, such as Bichel Bomb(qv), and then collecting and measuring the volume.

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