Dollars for Terror: The Us and Islam by Richard Labeviere

By Richard Labeviere

Are the U.S. and their Saudi allies sponsoring and financing the unconventional Islamists? Labeviere uncovers the money-laundering, equipped crime, and the interlocking global of industrial and politics. The important nerve of Islam, he states, isn't faith -- it truly is money...

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Trained by the same AmericanPakistani duo, the Taleban thus made their entry onto the Afghan stage, fired up with a puritanism that commands them to keep women from going out, children from flying kites, and birds from singing. This rigor delights the guardians of Wahhabi orthodoxy and keeps the taps of Saudi financial assistance flowing. These theology students, who now control almost three quarters of the country, have appeared at the crucial moment when the American oil companies are confirming that the Central Asian zone surrounding the Caspian Sea will become the principal strategic area of the next millennium.

Commission on Human Rights came to an end on April 18, 1997. For nine years, I had been following the Commission’s work assiduously, not only because it is the most powerful evidence of the United Nations’ work in Geneva, but also because it constitutes a gathering of diplomats, lawyers, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, heads of liberation movements, human rights activists, men and women who are experts of every kind, unique in the world. This session confirmed the traditional chasm that exists between the countries of the North — laying more emphasis on civil and political rights — and those of the South — more eager to strive for the right to development.

The claim by the “Islamic Army of Liberation of the Holy Places” was quoted only by the newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, whose editorialist concluded: “The United States, as the premier world power, must prevent such acts and try to contain better the problems that affect the world, instead of obscuring them. ” Only the Afghan and Saudi responses so distinctly minimized bin Laden’s role. Abruptly elevated to the dignified position of public enemy number one, in just a few days the Saudi became a media phenomenon all around the planet, recalling the Carlos effect of the 1970’s and 1980’s when governments and the media blamed Carlos for every terrorist attack in the world.

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