Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam by Richard Labeviere

By Richard Labeviere

Are the USA and their Saudi allies sponsoring and financing the novel Islamists? Labeviere uncovers the money-laundering, geared up crime, and the interlocking global of commercial and politics. The principal nerve of Islam, he states, isn't faith -- it's money...

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The same holds true for the various Islamist groups, whether of Sunni or Shiite faith. ”4 This essential review of the facts, which should prevent the resurgence of any “essentialist” hypothesis (according to which the very nature of Islam, its founding texts and its teachings ineluctably would produce the conditions of Islamism and of terrorism), does not prevent us from putting into perspective the goals, both short- and long-term, of these Islamist groups. “It is known that these groups aim to impose the sharia, Koranic law, as the only legal code in all the Muslim (or considered as such) states,” notes Lacoste,5 “and especially, they are fighting to achieve an enormous geopolitical plan, to regroup all the Muslims, a billion men and women, in spite of their very great linguistic and cultural diversity, into the same political unit.

In addition to Great Britain and France, only Australia, New Zealand and Israel voted against. The international community got the 43 Dollars for Terror message. London and Paris pulled out. The United States wanted to show the Arab world that it is a better ally than the Soviet Union could ever be. At that time, and since the overthrow of King Farouk, Nasser enjoyed unlimited support from the CIA, in particular thanks to Kermit Roosevelt, Vice President of Gulf Oil and a former information agency liaison.

Indeed, how does this “Most Wanted,” trained by the CIA, still in touch with the Saudi and Pakistani services and living under the protection of the Taleban, stay out of reach of his former bosses? How can we understand the contradictions of Uncle Sam, victim of the religious fanatics that he himself armed? This question touches on more than the attacks in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Do the contradictions mask further subterfuges, or it is simply a matter of defending economic and strategic interests?

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