Doctor Ecco's Cyberpuzzles: 36 Puzzles for Hackers and Other by Dennis E. Shasha

By Dennis E. Shasha

Within the culture of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Ecco is without doubt one of the maximum sleuths of our time, a mathematical wizard who makes use of common sense and computing device programming to unravel crimes, locate treasures, and discover house. sign up for his staff, extend the frontiers of your wisdom, and fit wits with him on interesting situations like "The Virus from the Spy" and "The secrets and techniques of Space" and "The Caribou and the Gas." The puzzles accrued right here require no formal history past mathematics and simple algebra—just vigorous interest and prepared intelligence. With thirty-six illustrated situations equipped round 8 significant mathematical issues (from Combinatorial Geometry and Geography to Ciphers and Secrecy) this publication will motivate you to exploit your brain and your laptop in methods you by no means formerly imagined.

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