DNA and RNA Binders, From Small Molecules to Drugs Volume 1 by Martine Demeunynck, Christian Bailly, W. David Wilson

By Martine Demeunynck, Christian Bailly, W. David Wilson

The improvement of molecules that selectively bind to nucleic acids has supplied many information about DNA and RNA attractiveness. the diversity of such ingredients, reminiscent of steel complexes, peptides, oligonucleotides and a wide range of man-made natural compounds, is as manifold because the features of nucleic acids. Nucleic acid acceptance sequences are usually present in the foremost or minor groove of a double strand, whereas different common interactions comprise intercalation among base pairs or the formation of triple or quadruple helices. One instance of a binding mode that has lately been proposed is finish stacking on such advanced constructions because the telomere tetraplex. during this complete ebook, across the world well-known specialists describe intimately the $64000 features of nucleic acid binding, and in so doing current notable ways to drug layout. seeing that general elements might be created certainly or synthetically, emphasis is put on usual items, chemical synthesis, using combinatorial libraries, and structural characterization. the total is rounded off by way of contributions on molecular modeling, in addition to investigations into the way any given drug interacts with its nucleic acid reputation web site.

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1) that contains uniformly dispersed drug and has a hole in the middle. A slowly permeable inactive coat surrounds all of the surface of the core except the surface of the cylindrical face (Fig. 2, item 3). The drug release occurs only from the cylindrical face, whose surface area dictates the rate of release of drug. A. Mechanism of Release The mechanism of release of drug from this uniquely designed dosage form can be diffusion based or dissolution based. 1. Theory of Procise System Based on Dissolution Mechanism The release rate, dm/dt, of a drug from a compressed soluble disc, when governed by dissolution, can be expressed as: dm/dt ϭ A(dx/dt)C Copyright © 2003 Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Nevertheless, a constant dissolution rate can be expected provided the surface area is properly controlled [8]. 2. Theory of Procise Based on Diffusion Mechanism The release of drug from a solid matrix by diffusion can be represented by the following equation: dq/dt ϭ ϪD A dc/dr (2) where q is the mass of drug being transferred, t is the time, c is the drug concentration, r is the diffusion path length, A is the area for the mass transport, and D is the diffusion coefficient of the drug. According to the above equation, the drug release rate decreases as the diffusion path length, r, increases.

3 MASRx and COSRx Sustained-Release Technology Syed A. A. David R. A. I. INTRODUCTION The advantages of administering a single dose of a drug that is released over an extended period of time, instead of numerous doses, have been obvious to the pharmaceutical industry for some time. The desire to maintain a near-constant or uniform blood level of a drug often translates into better patient compliance, as well as enhanced clinical efficacy of the drug for its intended use. Various drug delivery techniques have been developed to sustain the release of drugs, including triple-layered tablets (Geomatrix technology) and osmotic pumps with laser-drilled holes (OROS technology).

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