Dirty Korean: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# by Haewon Geebi Baek

By Haewon Geebi Baek


Next time you are touring or simply chattin' in Korean along with your acquaintances, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they by no means train you in class, including:

•Cool slang
•Funny insults
•Explicit intercourse terms
•Raw swear words

Dirty Korean teaches the informal expressions heard on a daily basis at the streets of Korea:

•What's up? Wasseo?

•Holy shit, i am trashed. Ssibal, na manchiwi.

•I gotta piss. Na swi ssayahae.

•Who farted? Bangu nuga ggyeosseo?

•Wanna attempt doggy-style? Dwichigi haeboja?

•That complain is loopy! Heo nyeon michin nyeoniya!

•I may well rather opt for a few Korean BBQ. Na cheolpangui meokgospieo.

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Won syat! 원샷! Literally, “one shot,” alluding to the fact that you don’t get to sip soju in Korea. You drink all of it—or your Korean drinking buddies will push you until you learn to. So learn quick! , the first, second and third rounds may be at the same bar, but in Korea each round takes place in a different drinking establishment. As they say in Korea, first is to eat and drink, second is to sing and drink more, and third is to drink even more. Do you have a plan? Mo halggeo eopnya? 뭐 할거 없냐?

Friendly Korean 33 Businessperson Hoesawon 회사원 Both my parents are businesspeople who work for LG. Uri bumonim dulda LG hoesawoniya. 우리 부모님 둘다 엘지 회사원이야. Biracial Honhyeora 혼혈아 Foreigner Woegukin 외국인 Just learn to speak Korean, already, you dumb foreigner! Ah, hangukkmallohae meongcheonghan weogukina! 아, 한국말로해, 멍청한 외국인아! Bum Geoji 거지 Fuck, I am sick of giving money to bums. Sibal, geojideulhante donjuneungeo jonna akkawo. 시발, 거지들한테 돈주는거 존나 아까워. Fag Homossaekki 호모새끼 He’s a perverted fag. Jeo jeojilseurun homossaekki.

Don’t use this term with uptight teachers. 30 Dirty korean Yo, Teach. Let’s get our learn on. Eoi, Ssaem, jom baewo bojago. 어이, 쌤, 좀 배워보자고. Tutor Gwawoe sunsaeng 과외 선생 My tutor is useless shit head! Nae gwawoe sunsaengeun sseulmoeopneun meongcheongiya! 내 과외선생은 쓸모없는 멍청이야! Student Haksaeng 학생 Senior (in school) Sunbae 선배 One year of age makes a huge difference in Korea. If you are a grade above your fellow students, you get to use them like slaves! The senior is using me like a slave. Sunbaega na ddonggaehullyeon sikyeo.

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