Das schwarze Imperium. Comic by Gerhard Seyfried

By Gerhard Seyfried

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Animators: Lillian Evans, Carl Bell, Craig Arms t rong, Debbie Hayes, St e ve Go rdon, Brenda Banks, Jesus Cortes, James A. Davis, Robert LaDuca, Chrystal Ru s s e l l , George Scribner, Paul Smith, Tom Tataranowicz, Robert Carr, Xenia. Layout/designs: Louise Zingarelli, Johnnie Vita, Marcia Adams, Barry Jackson. Background assistants: Jeff Skrimstad, Frank Frez zo, Gary Eggleston, Russ Heath. Color models: Janet Cummings. 19 20 Anastasia Anastasia (11/21/97) 20th Century Fox. 94 mins. Directors/producers: Don Bluth, Ga ry Goldman.

Daniel Hofstedt, Enis Tahsin Ozgur, Jon Hooper. Effects animator: Stephen B. Moore. Layout supervision: Scott Caple, David Goetz. Layouts: Amy Be renz, John Byrne, David Ga rdner, Kevin Go l l a h e r, Eddie Gribbin, Giorgio Ma rdegan, Fred Re i l l y, Ma rk Swan. Ba c kg round stylist: Don Moore. Ba c k g rounds: Ba r ry Atkinson, Rick Bentham, Carl Jones, Sunny Apinchapong, David McCamley, Mannix Bennett, Paul M. Kelly. A Sullivan Bluth Studios Ireland Ltd. Production in association with Goldcrest Films.

Music: Mark Watters. Songs: Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil. Animation director: Tod Waterman. Di recting animator: David Feiss. Sequence d i rector: Paul Schibli. St o ry b o a rd artists: David Feiss, Larry Scholl, Todd Waterman, Dino Athanassiou, Jasper Mo l l e r, Cathy Jones, John Dorman, Thom En r i q u ez, Andy Knight, Jo rgen Lerdam, John Byrne, Sylvia Hoefnagels. Allegro Non Troppo (7/27/77) Specialty Films (Italy). 75 mins. Director/producer: Bruno Bozzetto. Live-action cast: Maurizo Nichetti (The Cartoonist), Maria Luisa Gi ovannini (The Cleaning Woman), Nestor Garay (The Orchestra Conductor), Ma u r i z i o Micheli (The Im p resario), Mi rella Falco (Old Lady Musician), Os valdo Salvi (Gorilla), Jolanda Cappi, Franca Mantelli (Old Lady Musicians).

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