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Crossing Platforms a Macintosh/Windows Phrasebook: A Dictionary for Strangers in a Strange Land

Like tourists in a international land, Mac clients operating in home windows or home windows clients engaged on a Mac frequently locate themselves in surprising territory with out guidebook. Crossing structures: A Macintosh/Windows Phrasebook, with details provided in a translation dictionary-like layout, bargains clients a convenient means of translating abilities and information from one platform to the opposite.

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The reading of W (Gergusth,nwn) reflects a scribal idiosyncrasy. 40). The change of position of the phrase in W is due to the desire to achieve a better sequence. In view, however, of the conflict of transcriptional probabilities, it was thought best to enclose the words within square brackets. 9). When these arguments are analyzed, their weight is greatly diminished. ). ). 35 ff. 22. ) (c) The absence of the name in Matthew&"fnr02007">7 In any case, however, it must be observed that Matthew has very much condensed Mark’s whole account, and omits much more than merely the name of Jairus.

29 28; elsewhere in the New Testament it occurs three times). 32 31 nor ver. 34 (nor in the parallel passages) are the sisters mentioned. Had the words been interpolated, the addition would probably have been made already in ver. 31. Nevertheless, in view of the weight of attestation for the shorter text, it was thought best to enclose the disputed words within square brackets. [The shorter text should be adopted; the longer reading, perhaps of Western origin, crept into the text through mechanical expansion.

35 ff. (of the Latin translation). For a discussion of the passage, see Wm. P. Armstrong, “Critical Note (Matt. , p. 70, lines 9 ff. (of the Syriac text), and p. 53 (of the Latin translation). -S. Marmardji, Diatessaron de Tatien (Beyrouth, 1935), p. 532. 11 Op. , II, p. 265. 12 So Marmardji, op. , p. 533, note. 13 For a fuller discussion of the readings, see B. M. Metzger’s contribution to Studies in New Testament and Early Christian Literature, ed. by David E. Aune (Leiden, 1972), pp. 16–24. 14 See Joël Delobel, “The Lord’s Prayer in the Textual Tradition,” The New Testament in Early Christianity, ed.

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