Culture, History and Ideology in the Formation of Ba‘thist by Amatzia Baram

By Amatzia Baram

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50 The Ba'th regime's treatment of the Shi'a and the Kurds and its attempt to resolve the tension between the pan-Arab and local Iraqi policies are the subject of Chapter 2. The attempts to resolve the tension between pan-Arabism and loeal patriotism on the eultural-ideologieal level are the subject of the other chapters of this book. 2 The Ba'th in Power: The Political and Ideological Setting THE BA'TH, THE SHI'A AND THE KURDS In the political, social and economic spheres the infant regime embarked on a policy of 'stick and carrot' or, as it came to be known among the populace of Iraq, al-tarhib wal-targhib ('intimidation and attraction ').

13 Another such festivallikewise held in the south, at Babyion, took place at a time when the regime - after nationalizing the assets of the Western-owned Iraqi Petroleum Company (IPC), and at the height of its confrontation with Iran - was clinging on 32 Culture, History and /deology in Ba'thist /raq, /968-89 for dear life, making it particularly anxious to rally support among the Shi'i population, where Iranian inftuence was lO be particularly feared. 14 In 1980, a popular poetry festival was held in Baghdad, and the press stressed the attendance of President Saddam Husayn throughout its four-day duration.

The other is positive: the existenee in Iraq sinee the early 1950s of a cultural trend drawing inspiration from ancient Mesopotamia made it possible to pursue the eampaign as an extension of an existing (and well-established) praetiee. With regard to the negative reason, as I shall endeavor to show, the Ba' th - unlike the followers of Egyptian Pharaonism in the 1920s and early 1930s, or Antun Sa'ada in Lebanon in the 1930s and 1940s - had no intention of disowning its links with the Arab nation at large.

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