Cosmic Healing I (2001)(en)(250s) by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

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Probably not. Throughout the world, there are institutions to train the brain in the head. That is good. But, what about training the ‘second brain’ in the abdominal area? I didn’t think of it exactly like that in western terms, either, even though that is exactly what I have been doing all of my life in my Taoist training and teaching. Personal Revelation Suddenly I came to understand a few things which are so simple and so important, and that’s what I am going to share with you. It started in 1994 in Los Angeles when a clinical psychologist there, Dr.

But, how could I answer their questions? They said, “Hey, look! Master Chia is talking to us in his sleep. ’ It took the westerners a long time to understand that. So, when the article about the ‘Hidden Brain in the Gut’ came out in The New York Times,1 I started to understand that. You can be miserable; you can be happy; you can feel all kinds of feelings. But according to this article, they had also discovered that this brain in the gut, the enteric nervous system, can do a lot of functions. It says that this gut brain can send and receive impulses; it can record experience and respond to emotions.

Push: Smile, relax, and let go, touching the sky, touching the universe. Fig. 36 Let go - Push and Touch the Universe, do it 6, 9 or 18 times. Left and Right Directions Now, move your hands to the left and right directions. Pull the Universal energy in. Push; touch the universe. Pull; think about your Tan Tien. Push – all the way, touching-touching-touching the universe. 1. Move your extended hands from the front horizon to the left and right sides. Fig. 37 Touch the Universe Left and Right. 52 Chapter III 2.

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