Computational Medicine: Tools and Challenges by Stefan Coassin, Anita Kloss-Brandstätter, Florian Kronenberg

By Stefan Coassin, Anita Kloss-Brandstätter, Florian Kronenberg (auth.), Zlatko Trajanoski (eds.)

Computational methodologies and modeling play a transforming into function for investigating mechanisms, and for the prognosis and treatment of human illnesses. This growth gave upward thrust to computational drugs, an interdisciplinary box on the interface of computing device technological know-how and medication. the main target of computational drugs lies within the improvement of knowledge research tools and mathematical modeling in addition to computational simulation suggestions particularly addressing clinical difficulties. during this publication, we current a few computational drugs issues at a number of scales: from molecules to cells, organs, and organisms. on the molecular point, instruments for the research of genome diversifications in addition to cloud computing assets for clinical genetics are reviewed. Then, an research of gene expression info and the appliance to the characterization of microbial groups are highlighted. on the protein point, varieties of analyses for mass spectrometry information are reviewed: categorised quantitative proteomics and lipidomics, by means of protein series research and a 3D constitution and drug layout bankruptcy. ultimately, 3 chapters on scientific functions specialize in the combination of biomolecular and scientific info for melanoma study, biomarker discovery, and network-based tools for computational diagnostics.

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4 Challenges and Opportunities As most techniques, also cloud approaches involve challenges and opportunities. The end user should be aware that it does not always make sense to work within a public cloud environment. Not every application can be run in the cloud efficiently, and before data is stored and processed in the cloud the following advantages and disadvantages of a cloud-based approach should be weighted. 1 Security 31 party machines. Furthermore, if data is subject to regulations, special security rules and safeguards have to be guaranteed (Markovich 2010).

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