Clothed in Robes of Sovereignty: The Continental Congress by Benjamin H. Irvin

By Benjamin H. Irvin

In 1776, whilst the Continental Congress declared independence, officially severing family with nice Britain, it instantly started to style new gadgets and ceremonies of kingdom with which to proclaim the sovereignty of the child republic.

In this outstanding social and cultural background of the Continental Congress, Benjamin H. Irvin describes this fight to create a countrywide identification through the American Revolution. The booklet examines the cloth artifacts, rituals, and festivities in which Congress endeavored not just to claim its political legitimacy and to reinforce the warfare attempt, yet finally to exalt the U.S. and to win the allegiance of its population. Congress, for instance, crafted an emblematic nice seal, celebrated anniversaries of U.S. independence, and applied august diplomatic protocols for the reception of overseas ministers. but as Irvin demonstrates, Congress couldn't impose its creations upon a passive American public. on the contrary, "the humans out of doors"-broadly outlined to incorporate not just the operating terrible who rallied within the streets of Philadelphia, yet all individuals unrepresented within the Continental Congress, together with ladies, loyalists, and local Americans-vigorously contested Congress's trappings of nationhood.
Vividly narrating the development of the Revolution in Philadelphia and the lived reports of its population through the tumultuous battle, Clothed in gowns of Sovereignty sharpens our realizing of the connection among political elites and crowds of workaday protestors because it illuminates the ways that ideologies of gender, category, and race formed the civic id of the innovative usa.

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Prior to setting out for Philadelphia, Samuel Adams arranged for express riders to deliver pressing intelligence to Congress. On Tuesday, September 6, just as Congress began to deliberate preliminary questions of parliamentary procedure, one such rider brought the dire news that British soldiers had marched on Charlestown to seize its gunpowder stores and that the British navy had opened fire on the town of Boston. Ultimately, these reports proved greatly exaggerated and in many points untrue, but for nearly two days, rumors of a horrible bombardment provoked dismay and sympathy among the people of Philadelphia.

Several decades earlier, beginning sometime around the 1720s and 1730s, Britain’s North American colonists had begun to import and consume increasing quantities of European merchandise and commodities, including furniture, silver, fabric, and global foodstuffs such as tea and chocolate. 17 This process resulted from a variety of factors: the British Empire’s increasingly efficient extraction of natural resources and agricultural profits, much of which was accomplished by slave labor; the maturation of Britain’s settler colonies, including the accumulation of disposable wealth by the gentry and middling ranks; the expansion and development of transatlantic trade networks and credit systems; and the invention of new modes and technologies of production that would ultimately propel the industrialization of Great Britain.

In drafting Article 8, Congress also appealed to America’s “disaffected” religious minorities, including Baptists who had recently complained to Congress about religious oppression in Massachusetts, and more particularly Quakers, many of whom opposed Congress’s trade boycott, both out of pacifist ideology and mercantile interest, but who, as a denomination, ardently decried profane amusements such as gaming and the theater. Further, by banning popular leisure activities, Congress helped to democratize the American resistance movement.

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