Clone by Richard Cowper

By Richard Cowper

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Financial Engineering: A Handbook of Derivative Products

The monetary marketplace is stuffed with possible more and more complicated monetary items, frequently with really good and strage-sounding names. in spite of the fact that, beneath the gloss, issues are less complicated than they appear. This ebook goals to de-mystify the jargon and explains what's getting in the sphere of monetary engineering.

The Most Successful Small Business in The World: The Ten Principles

"Gerber's books by no means disappoint. those Ten rules assist you dig in to create more moderen, larger rules in the course of our deeply occasions, finally generating an outstanding renewal—of brain, of physique, of spirit, and resulting in a brand new working procedure the place whatever is feasible and development is outfitted into the tradition.

The Old Girls' Network: Insider Advice for Women Building Businesses in a Man's World

Why is it that ninety five percentage of all investor financing for brand spanking new companies is going to males? girls definitely do not lack possible enterprise rules or the management abilities to lead them to leap, but-as the authors, 4 hugely profitable marketers and traders, explain-female creativity and heartfelt dedication on my own do not encourage seed-money selection makers.

Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need

Faucet into greater than 30 years of small company services as you embark at the so much game-changing trip of your existence – your new company. This unrivaled consultant - the best-selling enterprise startup e-book of all time - deals serious startup necessities and a present, accomplished view of what it takes to outlive the the most important first 3 years, giving your precisely what you must live to tell the tale and be triumphant.

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