Circuit Cellar (July 2003)

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Crossing Platforms a Macintosh/Windows Phrasebook: A Dictionary for Strangers in a Strange Land

Like tourists in a overseas land, Mac clients operating in home windows or home windows clients engaged on a Mac frequently locate themselves in unusual territory with out guidebook. Crossing structures: A Macintosh/Windows Phrasebook, with info provided in a translation dictionary-like structure, deals clients a convenient approach of translating abilities and information from one platform to the opposite.

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Listing 2—Only four additional lines of C code are needed to create a nice light effect. It’s so easy! com Normally, the processor runs at full speed and can’t be stopped (only by a hardware reset). With C-SPY, the processor is controlled by the JTAG interface and is slowed down by extra communication. In other words, the JTAG interface reads the breakpoints, and the processor stops so you can read the different registers and memory locations for debugging. com/ pub/Circuit_Cellar/ 2003/156. SOURCES Embedded Workbench IAR Systems Software, Inc.

You’d only see a faintly glowing LED. 1? Change the delay times and see what happens. I found it astonishing to see the LED giving a weak red color with a duty cycle of 1/256. It meant that the LED uses 4 µA (1/256 × 1 mA)! Is that low power, or what? The buzzer is the piezoelectric type (a capacitor). 7), the buzzer will neither sound nor consume current. If you change the level of this pin 200 times per second, you will hear a clear 100-Hz tone. The current used is small: it’s the charge and discharge current of a small capacitor.

The larger board contains the oscilloscope analog chain: BNC connectors, relays (and circuit controller) for DC-GND-AC in the coupling section, and the digital programmable attenuator/amplifier. The top board contains the DC/DC converter power supply, charge-pump inverter, serial-communication driver, low-pass filter, trigger (real and equivalent time sampling) circuit, channel-trigger selector, and the microcontroller. 3 V. 7-MHz radio IF filter core. 26 mH. 1 Ω. The circuit was measured, and it performed well up to a current consumption of 42 mA (a power of 138 mW), which is enough to feed the entire system.

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