Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Six-Membered

Content material:
Chapter I Azanaphthacenes (pages 3–56): Eleanor R. Wabster
Chapter II Azabenz[a]Anthracenes (pages 57–132): Jean V. Crawford and Eleanor R. Wabster
Chapter III Azabenzo[c]Phenanthrenes (pages 133–149): Eleanor R. Wabster
Chapter IV Azachrysenes (pages 151–183): Jean V. Crawford
Chapter V Azatriphenylenes (pages 185–199): Jean V. Crawford
Chapter VI Azabenzanthrenes (pages 201–293): C. F. H. Allen, D. M. Burness and F. W. Spangler
Chapter VII Azapyrenes (pages 295–310): Eleanor R. Webster

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349-350'; green F1 in alc. m. >360° m. >300° m. 384'; yellow -2HNO ; red K Mk; no F1 0; blue :at d y a cotton orange-yellow m. 299 ; red OH-; violet vat Dyes cotton and wool red Dyes cotton and wool red m. >300 m. 315' m. 141-142' m. 236-238 '; blue F1 m. 320-325'; violet FI 0;yellow-brown S; n ins. 9 H m. 181 ; very sol. 0 m. 309' 2 m. >350° rn m. 292'; ins. OH- cold, sol. blue hot mputhr Diazanapht hacenes 21 2. Diazanaphthacenes Examples of only six of the twenty-one possible diazanaphthacenes (in which the nitrogens arc not common to two rings) have been reported; in the case of the 1,ll-diaza isomer, the probability is great that an angular four-ring system was obtained rather than the linear.

174 m. 217-8'; very sol. HCI m. 270'; yellow HISO, m. P m. 208' dec. m. 374' dec. m. ; diff. sol. 0; yellow H + and OH- O; m. 271 no vat m. 241'; diff. , green F1 ether; no vat m. >400°; diff. 1 2-Dihydm6,6a,7,8,9,1OY10a,l1-Octahydro6,ll -Dichloro- 5,12-Diazanaphthacenes : hydm-12-k~toDimcthyl derivative of LIII 44 5-A'-Methyld-(2'

Azanaphthacencs coupling dimethyl-o-toluidine (which must be V) with diazotized sulfanilic acid and reducing the azo dye. It is certainly to be expected that the product would be VI, and in any case it is very unlikely to be 11. p. p. 47'. Rernthsen pointed out that the formation of a quinonoid bond arrangement in 2,5-diaminotoluene on ferric chloride oxidation is additional evidence of thepmu arrangement of the two amino groups. -amino-l,9-dimethyl-l,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1,6,1l-triazanaphthacene rather than I V , as formulated by &hen and Crabtrcc.

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