Catullus (Blackwell Introductions to the Classical World) by Julia Haig Gaisser

By Julia Haig Gaisser

Catullus is likely one of the liveliest and such a lot beautiful Roman poets. His emotion, attraction, and obvious spontaneity resonate with readers as strongly this present day as in antiquity. This subtle literary and ancient creation brings Catullus to existence for the trendy reader and offers his poetry in all its number of feelings, matters, and styles.Places Catullus in a social, historic, and literary contextExamines Catallus's variety and matters, and gives a literary advent to his significant issues of affection, social existence, and politicsDiscusses the reception of the poems by means of translators and interpreters

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Each detail of structure, theme, language, and technique illustrates Catullus’ conception of poetry and how it should be written. The poem, like many in Catullus, possesses a high degree of what we might call poetic economy. ” These ideas follow each other easily and Catullus Julia Haig Gaisser © 2009 Julia Haig Gaisser. ISBN: 978-1-405-11889-7 POETRY BOOKS 23 naturally, almost casually, but the underlying structure is anything but casual. Everything revolves around the two figures of Catullus and Nepos, their books, and their literary and perhaps personal friendship.

12 Contents of the Libellus When Nepos unrolled the papyrus of his dedication copy, he found an album of Catullus’ poems, but we cannot be sure that what he saw was identical with our present collection. To put it another way, although poem 1 functions as the introduction in modern texts of the poems, we do not know what it introduced in the book that Catullus presented to his friend. The question is important for the history of the text, but still more for literary reasons, as we will see in the next section.

Now it is time to look at it more closely. D. but perhaps earlier. Although it is conceivable that whoever oversaw that transition changed the order in which the poems appeared in their individual rolls or books, it is far more likely that the rolls were simply copied into the codex just as they were. This would mean that the order within the rolls was left essentially unchanged, although one or more poems beginning or ending a given roll might have been lost or mutilated by the time it came to the scribe of the codex (the ends of bookrolls were especially vulnerable to loss and damage).

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