Bluetooth Application Developer's Guide. The Short Range by David Kammer, Gordon McNutt, Brian Senese and Jennifer Bray

By David Kammer, Gordon McNutt, Brian Senese and Jennifer Bray * (Eds.)

Content material:

, Page v

, Pages vii-x
Technical Editor and Contributor

, Page xi

, Pages xxv-xxviii, David Kammer
Chapter 1 - Introducing Bluetooth Applications

, Pages 1-68
Chapter 2 - Exploring the principles of Bluetooth

, Pages 69-102
Chapter three - strength Management

, Pages 103-123
Chapter four - safety Management

, Pages 125-166
Chapter five - carrier Discovery

, Pages 167-209
Chapter 6 - Linux Bluetooth Development

, Pages 211-263
Chapter 7 - Embedding Bluetooth Applications

, Pages 265-316
Chapter eight - utilizing the Palm OS for Bluetooth Applications

, Pages 317-377
Chapter nine - Designing an Audio Application

, Pages 379-417
Chapter 10 - own info Base Case Study

, Pages 419-462
Appendix - Bluetooth program Developer's advisor quickly Track

, Pages 463-485

, Pages 487-492

, Pages 493-526

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When a device that is scanning for inquiries receives an inquiry, it waits for a short random period, then if it receives a second inquiry, it transmits a response back. It does not transmit this response immediately, because this may lead to all devices in a single area responding to the first inquiry sent out, causing an undesirable high-power coordinated pulse of radiation in the ISM band. The random delay prevents this coordinated effect. Connecting Devices Before two devices can establish a connection, they must be in page and page scan mode; the paging device initiates the connection, while the page scanning device responds.

Certainly, in-flight deactivation issues must be considered by anybody whose products may be used in an aircraft in flight. 12 Interfering Piconets Class 3 Slave Assessing Required Features The Bluetooth specification has many optional features, and even if features are mandatory to support, they do not have to be enabled. This section briefly examines a fev^ features of the Bluetooth specification that may affect your product. Enabling Security To prevent unw^anted devices connecting to our personal devices, or to prevent our personal data from being "snatched" from the air, Bluetooth technology provides security in the form of a process called pairing.

Do they join the ever increasing pie of t^±ink:al {db^s;oN^€^ce, or do v ^ recall ttiem? Do we really want to put \m% thmisand or more products stra^ht off the pro* duction line back thnMJ^ the same production lirw for ns^rogramming? The solution b to folterw tliH^ acam^e of thos^ dev^ USB iSmf^\ Device Firmware Upgrade (DRJ), A DFU facility allows us t» upgrade our products over the standard UMTor USB interfaces via software, dx\^ requires no soldering of cabiei m f | « ^ a r y production mm. A ''bootioader" is programmed into the;cW|hIsfhen it is initially programmed via the methods previous^ tr^SHnri^M Ttie bootioadw can be used with upgrade software shfp|i^^ptt mir products to provide the 'In-the-field'* upgrade facility to our cml^^rr^Hn^ As lower stacks m i t i i r l and the specification stabilizes, this will not before selecting a silicon solube such a pertinent ls^e*:;|ll^^^ tion check the prograifin^g and upgrade fadllties that it offers you, and when designing '^i^iw^m^, consider how ^m might take care of upgrade both on the prcniid^ line and in tfie field.

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