Before the Point of No Return: An Exchange of Views on the by Leon Wofsy, Leon Litwack

By Leon Wofsy, Leon Litwack

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They were not. But in certain circumstances, it was understood, the people would rise up almost as a natural force, much as night follows day, and this phenomenon often contributed to the public welfare. The colonists’ attitude depended in large part upon a tradition of popular uprisings that also shaped the forms of popular force during the revolutionary era. The existence of such a tradition meant, moreover, that the people, or, as their opponents said, the mob, entered the struggle with Britain as an established social force, not as an agency newly invented to serve the ends of radical leadership.

3. , Letters and Diary of John Rowe (Boston, 1903), 218. Smallpox incidents: John Adams as “Novanglus” in Adams, Works of John Adams, IV, 76–7; Salem news of January 25 and February 1 in Prov. , February 5 and 12, 1774; and “Friend to the Borough and county of Norfolk” in Va. Gaz. (Purdie and Dixon), Postscript September 8, 1768. Rogerenes: Conn. , April 5, 1766. 4. Bernhard Knollenberg, Origin of the American Revolution, 1759–1766 (New York, 1965), 126, 129; Robert G. , 1926), 262–3, 265. 5. Admiralty to Gov.

And Lily B. Green Fund, Harvard University, and the University of Massachusetts. Finally, I want to thank my family, and my colleagues and students at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, for the encouragement, help, and stimulation they offered in the years during which this book was completed. Pauline Maier Cambridge, Massachusetts July 1971 * The term “Sons of Liberty” in the capitalized version refers here to the resistance organizations formed throughout the American continent during the Stamp Act crisis and those organizations that formed or were reconstituted later under that name.

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