Archimedes in the Middle Ages. III. The Fate of the Medieval by Marshall Clagett

By Marshall Clagett

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LXXIII-LXXIV; C. Stornajolo, Codices Urbinates latini, Vol. 1, p. 245. 10. Paris, BN Nouv. acquis, lat. 1538. 15c? This manuscript is closely related to the preceding codex. It too begins with Proposition 1 of Book I of On the Sphere and the Cylinder instead of with the Proemium. The translation is here incorrectly attributed to Franciscus Cereus de Burgo Sancti Sepulchri. 11. Florence, Bibl. Riccard. 106. 15c. This codex has the works in the same order as codex no. e. between On the Measurement o f the Circle [17v-18v] and On Conoids and Spheroids [30r—51 vj).

4, p. 239, and Heiberg, Archimedis Opera omnia, Vol. 3, p. LXXIV, misdesignate the codex as of the 17c. The latter says that it is a copy of fragments of Cremonensis’ translation, without describing its complexities. The various sheets all bear watermarks that are of the sixteenth century. I have examined this codex at greater length in Appendix IV, Section 4. 8. Venice, Bibl. Naz. Marc. 34 98r-99r, 115r-21r, late 16c? Contains a compendium of The Sandreckoner and an opuscule from Eutocius’ Commentary on the Sphere and the Cylinder describing the various methods of finding two mean proportionals.

O, 20vP-Q: ad BT potentia; equales enim que DZ, KH. Proportionales ergo sunt que BG V, 185r, 18-19; Ed, 144: ab bt (df) potentia equales enim sunt (sunt enim) df, kg. ) I believe this to be a most conclusive case, since Jacobus without any knowledge of Greek MS B, has followed Moerbeke exactly in B’s reading (changing only the magnitude letters, as he was accustomed to do). ” 336 ARCHIMEDES IN THE MIDDLE AGES 5. Gr 2, 268, 19-270, 1: ovrcos d 0Z ttotl tolv 0H (In MS B, missing in MS A) O, 20vQ: ita que TZ ad lineam TH V, 185r, 20-21; Ed, 144: ita fh ad hg Again Jacobus seems to follow Moerbeke in an addition from MS B, changing only the letters designating the lines.

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