Arab Awakening & Islamic Revival: The Politics of Ideas in by Martin Kramer

By Martin Kramer

Publish 12 months note: First released in 2008

Over the prior decade, the political flooring underneath the center East has shifted. Arab nationalism the political orthodoxy for many of this century has misplaced its grip at the mind's eye and allegiance of a brand new new release. while, Islam as an ideology has unfold around the quarter, and "Islamists" bid to trap the heart of politics. such a lot Western students and specialists as soon as hailed the redemptive energy of Arabism. Arab Awakening and Islamic Revival is a severe review of the contradictions of Arab nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism, and the misrepresentation of either within the West.

The first a part of the booklet argues that Arab nationalism--the so-called Arab awakening--bore inside it the seeds of its personal failure. Arabism as an idea drew upon overseas resources and assets. at the same time it claimed to free up the Arabs from imperialism it deepened highbrow dependence upon the West's personal romanticism and radicalism. eventually, Arab nationalism grew to become a strength of oppression instead of liberation, and a replicate photo of the imperialism it defied. Kramer's essays jointly shape the single chronological telling and the at absolutely documented postmortem of Arabism. the second one a part of the ebook examines the same failings of Islamism, whose principles are Islamic reworkings of Western ideological radicalism. Its influence has been to provide new existence to outdated rationales for oppression, authoritarianism, and sectarian division.

Arab Awakening and Islamic Revival presents another view of a century of center jap background. because the quarter strikes fitfully prior ideology, Kramer's standpoint is extra compelling than at any time within the past-in Western academe at the least between many within the heart. This e-book can be of curiosity to sociologists, political scientists, economists, and heart East experts.

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30 When Nasser offered to step down, the crowds filled the streets to demand that he continue as their leader. Through years of pounding indoctrination, Nasser and the Ba‘th had managed to silence every other voice, and many only understood and spoke the limited language of Arab nationalism. But as defeat worked its way deep into the collective psyche, two other voices would be raised in opposition to Arab nationalism. One spoke the language of allegiance to individual states. 31 The Triumph of the State Since their creation, individual Arab states had never hesitated to give priority to their separate interests.

It would be acquired piecemeal by individual states, but Arab nationalists hoped that an Arab commonwealth might emerge from this fluid situation. Elaborate plans for Arab unification proliferated. But these plans quickly ran aground. By now each state possessed its own ruling elite, bureaucracy, flag, and anthem. 21 After much Arab negotiation and British mediation, the independent Arab states established the Arab League in 1945, a compromise that recognized the distinct sovereignty of each of them.

Finally, Arab Nationalism: Mistaken Identity 29 in 1941, a junta of colonels led Iraq into a war of “liberation” with Britain, which it promptly lost, and in the course of which the nationalists inspired a pogrom against the Jews of Baghdad. Mistreated minorities, military strongmen, lost battles—in retrospect, Iraq’s early experience of independence anticipated an entire era of Arab nationalism. Yet this nationalism, and its extravagant extrapolation, pan-Arabism, gained immensely in popularity from in the 1930s.

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