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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

This quantity of the Antarctic examine sequence represents an try to collect in a single booklet the rest result of the huge U.S. oversnow traverses in Antarctica among 1957 and 1967. even though this try out was once now not thoroughly winning, in that a few traverse effects nonetheless stay to be released, i feel that this quantity will provide the reader a good pattern of the technique and the nice attempt that was once required to wrest from the massive continent a couple of primary info. From the start of 1957, the traverses, even though together with an collection of observations, had critical targets: dimension of the thickness of the ice and size of the yearly accumulation of snow. the following the reader will locate the previous and new equipment of coming near near either ambitions.


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10) date Turning point (s) (Dec. 6øE (Jan. 6) Total distance Average elevation 821 n. mi. (1520 km) 725 n. mi. (1341 km) 2780 meters 3090 meters meters 2770 meters Average ice thickness 2740 Maximum elevation 3718 meters (mi. 797) 3718 meters (mi. 0) Minimum elevation 2628 meters(mi. 415) 2512 meters(mi. 363) Maximum ice thickness 3580 meters (mi. 680) 3580 meters (mi. 279) Minimum ice thickness 1805 meters (mi. 240) 1565 meters (mi. 70 meter, implying an uncertainty of the order of I meter for each station interval.

Travel-time plots were con80 60 40 20 0 -10 KILOMETERS MILES Fig. Comparison of computed and measured ice surface slopesfor miles 0 to 80 of SP(•MLT 2. The upper solid curve showsmeasured ice surface slope values and the lower solid curve is the rock surface profile. Computed surface slope values are shown by dots for n - 1 and by crossesfor n - 4. 298 to 335, the power law fits better, as might be expectedfor an area of high strain rates. SEISMIC Standard seismic STUDIES reflection methods were used to 630 593 I _ 556 I measured slope n=4 measure the ice thickness, and some long-distance refraction shootingwas donein an attempt to determine properties of the rocks beneath the ice.

J. Wold, Resultsof a geophysicaland geologicaltraversefrom Mr. , Antarctica,J. , 67, 39733980, 1962. Bennett, H. , A gravity and magneticsurvey of the Ross ice shelf area, Antarctica, Univ. Wis. Geophys. and Polar Res. Ctr. Rep. , 1964. Bentley, C. , The structure of Antarctica and its ice cover, Research in Geophysics,Vol. 2, Solid Earth and Inter/ace Phenomena,pp. T. , 1964. Bentley, C. , Gravity maps, in Magnetic and Gravity Maps o/ the Antarctic,AntarcticMap Folio 9, edited by J. C. Behrendt and C.

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