After the End: Recent Apocalypses

From the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh to Norse prophecies of Ragnarök to the Revelations of Saint John to Cormac McCarthy’s the line, any variety of fictional zombie Armageddons, and the dystopic global of The starvation video games, we now have regularly questioned what is going to occur after the realm as we all know it ends. it doesn't matter what the doomsday scenario—cataclysmic weather swap, political chaos, societal cave in, nuclear conflict, pestilence, or such a lot of different dreaded variations—we unavoidably think that even supposing the realm perishes, a few part of humankind will survive. Such tales contain dying and catastrophe, yet also they are stories of rebirth and survival. Grim or victorious, those extraordinary post-apocalyptic tales chosen from chosen from the simplest of these released within the tumultuous final decade let us think of what lifestyles should be like after the top.

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Following within the footsteps of the past due nice Lester Bangs -- the main respected and irreverent of rock 'n' roll critics -- twenty-four celebrated writers have penned tales encouraged by means of nice songs. simply as Bangs solid new gentle on a Rod Stewart vintage along with his tale "Maggie May," a few absolutely unforeseen connection among an impressionable younger guy and an getting older, alcoholic hooker, the varied, electrifying tales right here use songs as a springboard for a sort dubbed the lit riff.

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My final contribution of writings via Adolfo Bioy Casares. back, he's a part of an Argentine literary circle together with his spouse, Silvina Ocampo, and his pal, Jorge Luis Borges. while you're attracted to the writings of those contributors, I hugely recommend the writings of Bioy Casares.

Table of Contents

Souvenir from the Mountains 3
A Roman delusion 14
A mystery Casanova 19
An Affair 23
Women Are All the similar 29
Men Are All the similar 37
Pearls ahead of Swine 45
Trio 63
II antagonistic MIRACLES
The delusion o f Orpheus and Eurydice 83
Flies and Spiders 89
Resurrection 100
About the form of the international 104
The Hero of girls 130
T he Noumenon 155
An unforeseen trip 170

From Publishers Weekly
As should be anticipated from this grasp of contemporary Latin American literature, the 15 gemstones during this gleaming assortment meld irony with romantic ardour and truth with significant invention. In those tales, relationship from 1959 to 1986 and grouped in line with "The Labyrinth of Love" and "Adverse Miracles," such topics as pissed off love, transfigured goals and warped space-time turn into grist for the author's uniquely inventive mill. the easiest items mix the wry irony of de Maupassant with the inventive mind's eye of H. G. Wells: in "About the form of the World," for instance, a legislation pupil turns into entangled in a smuggling operation the place a dazzling tunnel reduces the space among Argentina and Uruguay to a four-minute stroll. "The delusion of Orpheus and Eurydice" recounts the transformation of the Buenos Aires Jockey membership right into a dreamlike labyrinth to the underworld. different tales current a surreal amalgam of affection and goals, comparable to "Souvenir from the Mountains," during which a would-be seducer's idealized love is without notice debauched in a hallucinatory nightmare, and "Trio," a grouping of 3 vignettes that twist thwarted romance into obsession and insanity.

From Library Journal
Long linked to his Argentinian collaborator, Jorge Luis Borges, in whose shadow he has too lengthy remained, Bioy Casares generally blends love and fable to create probing fiction professional by way of ironic twists. His male characters are frequently weaklings or cowards, and his girls tend to be risk-taking anarchists, severe of their powers to repel or allure. Veteran translator Levine right here gathers Bioy Casares's brief fiction from the mid-1950s in the course of the overdue Eighties. a minimum of of the tales ("The Noumenon" and "An unforeseen Journey") classify as technological know-how fiction. within the wake of an prior anthology, A Russian Doll and different tales (LJ 8/92), this assortment may still extra increase our appreciation of the now octogenarian Bioy Casares.

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C. Those who are having a `bad trip'. These may involve acute anxiety and panic, depression, paranoid reactions, disorientation and an inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. d. Cases of idiosyncratic physical reactions such as cyanosis. e. Those with recurring phenomena after the mushroom effects should have passed, including prolonged psychosis. When the history is clear and the signs are suggestive of psilocybian intoxication, it is best not to artificially empty the stomach either by emesis with ipecac or by lavage.

Neither the Australian term `gold tops' nor the English and American `liberty caps' has been widely adopted, although the term `blue meanies' is occasionally used to refer to P. cyanescens. In a study involving in depth interviews (and follow up questionnaires) of 150 people, carried out between l982 and l989 all over NZ (Jansen, Pers. Comm. l989) it was clear that many users knew that `gold tops' referred to an "Australian" mushroom (P. cubensis) which was different from those used in NZ. In the study referred to above, the only case requiring emergency room treatment was a musician who, due to impaired coordination, had fallen and cut his head.

However, Dr. Ronald V. Southcott of South Australia reported that: Beginning in 1972 that "for some months she had been known to have repeated episodes of hallucinations, and each attack was marked by her person being cold and clammy, with frequent bed urination including bedwetting. " In fact, according to the mother, during the past 12 months her daughter had at least a dozen such attacks, which were very frightening and distressing to the child. Symptoms reported by this little girl included: seeing colored lights on the ceiling, seeing cats that were not there, and feeling that she was bigger than she really was.

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