Advances in Aquatic Microbiology by M. R. Droop

By M. R. Droop

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I. (1961). Role of chemosynthesis in production of organic substances in water reservoirs. Investigation of chemosynthesis production in Kuibysher W a t e r Reservoir in 1958-1959. Microbiology, 30, 756-763. ) Sorokin, Yu. I. (1964). O n the trophic role of chemosynthesis in water bodies. Internationale Revue des gesamten Hydrobiologie, 49, 307-324. Sorokin, Yu. I. (1966a). Relations of microbiological processes in the circulation of sulphur a n d carbon in the meromictic Lake Belovod. Trudy Instituta Biologii vnutrennich vod.

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Changes in the composition of suspended matter in Lake Beloje in the stratification period. Plankton (1), organic detritus (2) (as percentage of total surface solids). ) It can readily be seen that the bulk of suspended matter in the surface water at the time of blooming consisted of planktonic organisms and only a small part of it was accounted for by formless detritus. If this value is taken as 100 per cent, then over 90 per cent of suspended matter is decomposed during the descent to 7 m, and some of it becomes formless detritus.

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