A Concordance of the Qur'an by Hanna E. Kassis

By Hanna E. Kassis

From the ForewordThis Concordance of the Qur'an in English satisfies a paramount want of those--and there are literally thousands of them--who don't have any command of the Arabic language and but wish to comprehend the Qur'an. the convenience derivable from English translations of the Sacred booklet is, in precept, restricted simply because, first, the Qur'an isn't really a "book" yet a suite of passages published to Muhammad over a interval of approximately twenty-three years and, moment, as the Qur'an will never be translatable. this doesn't suggest that the Qur'an shouldn't be translated. It does suggest that translations lose a lot in tone and nuance, not to mention the incommunicable attractiveness, grandeur, and charm of the unique. . . .The major contrast of Hana Kassis's concordance, in my opinion, is that it makes use of the semantic constitution of Arabic vocabulary itself in revealing the which means of the Qur'an on any given factor, element or suggestion. A reader who seems within the index of this concordance for a note which he has encountered in examining an English translation of the Qur'an--the note delight, for example--is directed instantly to the roots of the Arabic, Qur'anic phrases for delight. At tne entries for those Arabic roots, the entire spinoff varieties are proven, and the verses of the Qur'an during which they seem are there indexed in translation. . . .I am convinced that anyone who's basically drawn to realizing the Qur'an and appreciating the nuances of its diction and colours of its that means can fulfill his want extra absolutely with this e-book than by any means in need of constructing a true command over the Arabic language itself.--Fazlur Rahman, Professor of Islamic inspiration, college of Chicago

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54 (Y) 53 M2 64 M vs. 45 (Y) vss. 52-54 (Y) APPENDIX CHAPTER NUMBER .. - ARABICTITLE al-Jithiyah ENGLISH TITLE POSITION IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER NOELD. CAIRO REMARKS 46 al-Ahqdf 47 Mubammad Bowing. the Knee [Ali] Hobbling [Ar] Crouching [Pk] The Winding Sand-tracts [Ali] The Sand-Dunes [Ar] The WindZCurved Sandhills [Pk] Muhammad 48 al-Fath Victory " 108 Y 111 Y 49 al-Hujurit 112 Y. 54: M2 34 M 51 al-Dhiriy~t The Winds ihat Scatter [Ali] The Scatterers [Ar] The Winnowing Winds [Pk] M1 637 M 52 53 54 55 al-Tfir al-Najm al-Qamar al-Rahmin Ml M1 M2 M1 76 23 37 97 56 al-Wiqi 'ah The Mount The Star .

Them nor hurts them [where is that you were serving] apart from God? that she served, apart from God, barred her you only serve, apart from God, idols those you serve, apart from God, have no power [that they were serving] apart from God, I have been commandedto serve God God I serve we are quit of you and that you serve, apart from God they were commanded only to serve God c) impv. 4:36 (40) 5:72 (76) 5:117 (117) 7:59 (57) 7:65 (63) 7:73 (71) 7:85 (83) 11:50 (52) 11:61 (64) 11:84 (85) 16:36 (38) 23:23 (23) 23:32 (33) 27:45 (46) 29:16 (15) 29:36 (35) 39:2 (2) 39:66 (66).

Noeldeke (Geschichte des Qorans) and the ordinal (chronological) position of the. H. 1337) edition.. M stands;for Mecca (hence, the Chapter is of the "Meccan" period)--and Y stands for Medina (hence, the Chapter is of the "Medinan". period). (represented by M2) and late (represented by M3)'. For the determination of the locus of revelation, the Cairo edition relies on the authority of the traditioual Muslim (Arabic) works'on the Qur'an, noting-that these "are at times in disagreement with oneanother".

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