A Companion to the Prologue to Apuleius' Metamorphoses by Ahuvia Kahane, Andrew Laird

By Ahuvia Kahane, Andrew Laird

The Prologue of Apuleius' leading edge novel, the Metamorphoses (or Golden Ass), has captivated readers and students from the Renaissance to the current day. This quantity encompasses a new textual content and translation of the Prologue and a variety of essays which spotlight its value for college kids of Classical literature and glossy literary concept.

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My thoughts were wandering. ” “Of course, my lady. ” She stared at him numbly. ” “I was on my way to your lady mother with a gift from the king, to celebrate her upcoming marriage to his dearest friend Fortham. ” A place she’d never seen, to a mother who’d let her be taken away. She roused herself. “I see no need for such haste, Sir Richard. I’m certain my stepson and his lady wife will have questions concerning the running of the household. It would be far wiser for me to remain here to welcome them.

She leaned back against the side of the litter, closing her eyes as if to shut him out, and he stared at her in fascination. Her large brown eyes were probably her greatest beauty, and yet when they were closed her face took on a serene expression that was enchanting. However, he was in no mood to be shut out. “Have you no handmaiden to accompany you, my lady? Surely you’ll need help during the trip? ” Her eyes flew open in instant outrage. He smiled at her sweetly, all seeming innocence. “I’m certain I shall have no difficulties…” She floundered for a moment.

You could always bind and gag me,” he suggested affably. “Don’t think I haven’t considered it,” Sir Richard said coolly. “Lady Julianna has only to say the word…” She couldn’t do it, tempted though she might be. She glanced back at the fool from beneath half-closed lids. “I was taught to be charitable toward the afflicted, Sir Richard,” she murmured. ” The sound of bells accompanied something that might have been a cough, might have been a snort of laughter from the wretched creature. Julianna wasn’t about to find out.

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